Saturday, March 25, 2006

Just One More Thing....

Sorry to keep flogging the decomposing corpse of this dead horse, but there is something that I meant to write yesterday in my "final" post on this week's little dust-up over my now infamous Marie Osmond post on Tuesday. I, for one, think it's worth saying and if you don't then feel free to leave a comment and tell me so. As you should know by now, I love a good on-line feud.
Anyway, it's just that its funny, in both the "laughable" and "odd" sense, what some people will chose to let get under their skin. I mean back when I revived this blog last month, I tried to stir up a little controversy in my posts on the raid of Conti's Pub & Club , but for the most part noone took the bait. Since then, I've called the Vice-President of the United States a "vicious little prick," posted one of the cartoons of Mohammed that touched off riots around the globe, practically accused Oscar voters of homophobia for not voting Brokeback Mountain Best Picture, and even admitted to having smoked marijuana.
Yet, for all that, the thing that most offended someone was when I had the balls to question the parenting skills of a second rate artifact of 1970's kitsch.
You don't have to try to offend people. I guess that's my point here. No matter what you say, no matter how seeming innocuous, in a public forum in today's easily offended society is bound to piss someone off. Apparently people think that having respect for them means that you're not allowed to say anything that they disagree with.
Anyway, nothing's going to change here at The Word From On High. After all, only the blandest of entertainments are totally unoffensive. If I were to worry about who I might possibly offend before writing every post, I would be too afraid to say anything worth saying or worth reading, for that matter.

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thebigcurve said...

Ray, what's up?
I hope all is well.
I see that someone was picking on you.
Let me tell you,
that person who didn't have the balls to sign their post, but merely left it "anonymous" is a total dork, and isn't fit to clean the lint off of your toes.
To hell with them, whoever they are.
How unoriginal is it to say " I hope you die"
Stupid people these days.
Keep grinding it out, brother!