Saturday, August 06, 2005

BB6 Update: Come back to us, Kaysar

Well, I just went to the CBS site and voted to bring Kaysar back into the house. You know from my previous entry how I feel about Eric, and I think Michael is likely to be more focused on avenging his previous eviction than playing the game to win.
Also, remember how Howie yelled Kaysar's name when he won HOH. It seems that he and his allies are in danger of making the same kind of martyred leader out of Kaysar that Eric has become to the rest of the house. Obviously, the way to keep Kaysar from being a martyr is to bring him back to life, so to speak.
Now, it's obvious to me that Howie has to nominate Maggie and that's she got to be the one to go this Thursdsay, due to the, hopefully slim, chance that Eric could come back. They broke that couple up once and now thaey've got to make sure they stay broken up. I think he should also nominate Ivette just to make her sweat for a couple of days and let her know that she is a target and is going to have to fight to stay in the house.
If Howie nominates Maggie and either Ivette or April or Jennifer, I think the vote on Thursday will be 5-2 to dump Maggie, with Rachel, Janelle, James, and Sarah voting to lose her, as well as the partner of the other nominee, who won't want to vote themself out of a potential half million dollars if they and their partner survive to the end.