Saturday, January 31, 2009

Prez's Half-Brother Arrested in Kenya

It's getting to be a tradition with Democratic presidents: The embarrassing brother--who is usually an addict of some sort. Jimmy Carter had the hard drinking Billy, Bill Clinton had cocaine addled Roger, and now Barack Obama has George. According to a report, the president's half-brother currently sits in a Nairobi jail on charges of marijuana possession and resisting arrest.
Between the economic crisis and this, it seems that people named George have been nothing but trouble for our new prez.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

The Leaders We Deserve

Apparently, the Senate majority leader is an idiot.
Harry Reid was on Meet The Press this morning making an ass of himself by displaying for the entire nation to hear his utter lack of command of the English language as he contended repeatedly that his objections to the appointment of Roland Burris to the fill Barack Obama's seat is not to Burris himself but results from the controversy surrounding the criminal activities of the "appointee".
You moron! Roland Burris IS the "appointee"; i.e. the person who has been appointed. Obviously, Captain Opposite was referring to the charges surrounding Illinois' governor, Rod Blagojevich, and alleged attempts to "sell" the aforementioned Senate seat. Blagojevich, is the "appointer", the person making the appointment. By using the wrong wrong word, Reid inadvertantly contradicts himself and generally ends up sounding like a complete moron.
Apparently, new MTP moderator David Gregory, who let this gaffe slip by repeatedly without correcting his guest, is equally stupid--or maybe he was making a misguided effort to be "polite" to Reid. Tim Russert would have set Reid straight right away, I'm sure.