Thursday, March 02, 2006

Waiting for Will & Grace

The worst thing about NBC wasting five hours of primetime air on the execrable Deal or No Deal is that it will be one more week before Will & Grace returns. Frankly, it was a pretty sleazy thing to do to run an episode that ended in "To Be Continued.." just before preempting the show for three weeks of "event" programming that nobody gives half a crap about. I admit I've been kind of indifferent to the show so far this season, but Grace's liitle bombshell at the end of the last episode really got my attention.
To review: Grace had just married Will's boyfriend, James, so that he could get his Green Card, but nearly fainted during the ceremony. The next morning she announced that she's pregnant. Then: GOTCHA! See you in a MONTH, suckers!!
NBC is making no effort to build up any suspense over who the father is, since its pretty obvious. The only man that Grace has been with for months is ex-husband Leo, who returns in next week's episode.
I can't say where this storyline is headed, but I'm pretty sure that as W&G marches toward its finale, we'll see some serious changes in the lives of all four major characters, and I wouldn't be surprised if there's another live episode along the way.

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