Monday, March 27, 2006

Buck Owens Gone

Here we go again.

Listening to Weekend Edition on WOSU radio while enjoying my normal nutritious breakfast of a pot of coffee and half a pack of cigarettes when I hear that yet another pop culture icon of my childhood has bit the old dust. Its enough to make a forty year old blogger and cartoonist already predisposed to morbid thoughts turn once again to considerations of his own mortality, which, with a diet such as I described above, might not be that far off.
Buck Owens, best known, to me at least, as the co-host, with Roy Clark, of Hee-Haw, as well as for writing a song, Act Naturally, that was covered by the Beatles, died on Saturday at age 76.
As I grew up and became "sophisticated," I came to look down my nose at Hee-Haw, but when I was just a kid who didn't know any better I loved it. After all, with its mix of old jokes, silly songs, goofy characters and even a little animation thrown in, Hee-Haw was the very archetype of a classic kids show.
Hmm, let's see if I can find some sort of point here....ok, let's try this:
"Sophisticated" as I may be, there are times when I miss the simple pleasures of childhood, especially when dealing with my job and bills and all that other crap that "adults" do, and despite the years I spent denying it, Hee- Haw was one of those simple pleasures and unfortunately it took the news of Buck Owens' death to remind me of that.


thebigcurve said...

dude, hee haw was like the second greatest show of my childhood, following closely behind the dukes of hazzard, and followed closely by chips.
amazing stuff.
i still think that you are an insensitive a55hole

Ray "!!" Tomczak said...

I'll get to the Dukes of Hazzard soon, probably later this week. Just watched the movie and want to share my thoughts with the world.