Monday, April 30, 2007 Announcement!!!

On the second day of this year's Small Press and Alternative Comics Expo (its friends call it SPACE), I led a panel on the subject of on-line comics with Ryan Holgerson, Andrea "Sam" McEnaney, and Jared Koon. Even though I organized and moderated the shindig, I'm pretty much a newbie to the whole world of on-line comics, and actually had the least to contribute. I manged to learn quite a bit during the course of the hour, including several sites where I could post my comics. Later in the week, I signed up for all of them, and now Wasted Potential will be posted weekly not only on my WP blog, but on ComicSpace, Drunk, and WebComics Nation. ComicSpace contains the entire saga so far, while Drunk Duck and WebComics Nation pick up with last week's episode. I will also be posting Pop Darts on Comic Space soon.
Now there is NO excuse for not following the mildly amusing exploits of cartoonist Norman Burns and his friends!!! The web is mine, and I'll know if you don't read it, so you better surf over there now, sparky!!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I Got Nothin'

I'll have to finish up the SPACE report tomorrow, my friends. I have spent most of this day grappling with emotional issues and e-mail, an even as I input this entry, I am missing American Idol. So, I shall have to quickly upload this blather and run across the street to my box-like apartment to catch the rest of the show.
Talk to you tomorrw..

Monday, April 23, 2007

SPACE Wrap-Up: Day One

The Eagle has landed!
The Ray has returned!
And there was much rejoicing!
Greetings, denizens of cyber-space-land, I bring you glad tidings from SPACE (the Small Press and Alternative Comics Expo) to which I boldly went this past weekend, armed only with a couple of hundred copies of Wasted Potential: Fit 2 Print, the mini-comic collecting the Wasted Potential and Pop Darts comic strips that ran in Columbus Alive! and The Atomic Tomorrow.
Except for greeting friends at their tables shortly after arriving and a late day trip around the room to do some trading of comics, I spent most of Saturday at the table. I didn't even get to the Day Prize presentation. (Of course, I announced the Day Prize winner earlier as soon as Dapper Dave Sim himself revealed the recipient's identity on his blog.) I didn't want to go because I was kind of on a roll. I had my sales pitch down and was at my most congenial and beguiling, managing to sell more books on Saturday than I had at any of the previous seven SPACE shows. (Of course, I was only charging 50 cents a book, so I made just about enough to buy myself a pizza.)
After the show closed on Saturday, Mike Lucas and I checked out the new Half Price Books location across from the Graceland shopping center. I picked up an old mass market paperback reprinting classic Steve Ditko/Stan Lee Dr. Strange stories in full color. (That's somewhat unusual, as most mmpb comics were in black & white.) I really like the mass market paperback format for comics. My collection is pretty small because they're really hard to find, but I'll pick them up whenever I come upon them.
After grabbing a bite at the G-land Subway, Mike and I went to a place called MoMo2, where the "SPACE Launch Party" was to be held. We didn't see anyone we knew and decided the place was too loud and annoying, so we split.
I had a couple of Mike's Hard Lemonades, and went to bed.
Tomorrow, I'll tell you how Sunday went.

Friday, April 20, 2007

SPACE Is This Weekend!!! HUZZAH!!!

The 8th Annual Small Press and Alternative Comics Expo, held once again at the spacious Aladdin Shrine Center in the Small Press Comics Capitol of the Known Universe, Columbus, Ohio, begins in less than 24 short hours. The show expands to TWO (2) big days this year, so there's plenty of chance for you to get out there and see what all the buzz on the street has been about.

When you show up, be sure to check out my table, where I shall be offering for public sale for the first time anywhere Wasted Potential: Fit 2 Print, a mini-comics collection of all the Wasted Potential strips that have actually appeared in for real newspapers (although calling The Atomic Tomorrow a "for real" newspaper is kind of stretching the truth just a wee bit.)

If for some reason, you can not make it to the comics event of the year and still wish to own a copy of this limited edition collector's item classic, simply e-mail me at and I shall enlighten you as to how we may work together to make that happen.

I'll have a full report on the show next week.

Idol Gossip: Ding Dong! Hairboy's Gone!

Couldn't post yesterday. The time that I wasn't busy preparing for this weekend's SPACE show was spent in gleeful jumping up and down for joy after Wednesday's American Idol results show!
As our 38th president famously said upon stumbling, literally and metaphorically, into the Oval Office: "Our long national nightmare is over."
Yes, my faith in the judgment of the American people has been, at least partially, restored. (Though I still have no idea why Blake ended up in the bottom 3 rather than Chris Richardson, who gave an utterly ridiculous performance on Tuesday.)
Sanjaya has left the building!!!
I have never been so glad to be wrong. I was really afraid that Lakisha was going home this week, but good taste and sense finally prevailed to send Hairboy packing. (Even though he went out by changing the lyrics of "Something To Talk About" to "Let's give 'em something to talk about; other than hair," the truth is that there really wasn't anything else to discuss about this kid, certainly not his singing talent.)
So, it looks like Simon Cowell will not be replaced by David Hasselhoff next season. Cowell, as you must know, had threatened to quit if Sanjaya actually won. (The idea of the Hoff replacing him is something I thought of just now.) I have only one question for the Cowell: If Hairboy sucked that much, what the bloody @#!% was he doing there in the first place? You, and Squiddly and Diddley--as you referred to Randy and Paula a couple weeks back, sent him to Hollywood, then passed him on to the top 24. If you didn't think he should win, why on Earth did you let him go that far? Had he gone all the way, Si, you three would have had only yourselves to blame. So quit your damned bitching and moaning already, ok?
So, what's next for Sanjaya? What is the next career move for someone who has risen to national, even international, fame by making of himself a public laughingstock? Why, the answer should seem obvious: VH-1!
After spoiling the Idol tour this summer, expect Sanjaya and his hair to either show up on The Surreal Life or in his own show; Life With Sanjaya or something like that.
Well, the sideshow is over now, and the curtain truly rises on the main attraction: The rise of Melinda Doolittle to becoming the next American Idol!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Idol Should "Give Back" To V Tech Victims

Last night, Ryan Seacrest, the Cowell and a couple of the American Idol hopefuls expressed sympathy and solidarity for the victims of Monday's Virginia Tech massacre. I think they should do more and put some money where their mouths are.
Idol's producers should take just a small portion of the cash they are raising with next week's "Idol Gives Back" event and set up a relief fund for the victims and families. If, as Seacrest boasted, one corporate giant is forking over five million bucks, half a mil or a million would be a drop in the bucket, but would help the V Tech victims and families offset medical and funeral expenses as well as further show the concern for alleviating human suffering that this big hoopla is supposed to demonstrate.
Actually, I really do expect Seacrest to announce just this type of plan on the results show tonight, and I'll be quite disappointed if he does not.

Idol Speculation: Lakisha Will Exit Tonight.

With little over an hour, as I type this, until tonight's American Idol results show, I thought I'd offer some predictions.
Safe this week:
Phil--this was his best performance yet. If he can keep this up, he might challenge Blake for a spot in the top 3.
Blake--another fine performance, and great job of finding a country song suited to his style.
Jordin--an amazing performance. Simon is right: if she can keep up that level of intensity, she's got a real shot at the Idol title.
Melinda--Her performance was HOT! I'd never heard of the song she chose, or the artist who recorded it, and as far as I'm concerned it will forever be associated with Melinda Doolittle.
The Bottom Three:
Sanjaya--What can I even say? He's Sanjaya, for Pete's sake! What the bloody hell is he even still doing there?
Chris--His nasally, twangy vocal sounded almost like a deliberate parody of country music.
Lakisha--Her weakest performance yet.
Probably Headed Home Tonight:
Lakisha. I've compared her in the past to Season 5's Mandisa, and it was country week that proved Mandisa's undoing last season. I think we've seen the last of Kiki until the tour.
Check back tomorrow to witness the unfailing accuracy of my precognitive powers.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Be Back Soon. Hold Tight

Been away a little longer than I anticipated. It's too bad I don't do a personal blog as I'd have a lot to write about. Actually, it consists mostly of failed attempts to hook up with women, which really aren't all that interesting, even to me. I'd be interested if I'd succeeded. Anyway, I'll be back in a couple of days.
And, for no good reason at all, here's a picture of Sanjaya.