Saturday, March 11, 2006

Classic Mean "Yeah, Right."

The word "classic" is much abused in our society.
Take cable TV channel American Movie Classics, for instance. Does anyone really think that Child's Play 2 is a "classic"?
Special note to "Classic Rock" radio programmers: Just because a song is by a "classic" artist does not necessarily mean that the song is a "classic." Bob Seger's Shame On The Moon is a good example of this principle. Seger has recorded many classic tunes in his long career: Old Time Rock n' Roll, Turn The Page, Katmandu, Fire Lake, and The Hoizontal Bop to name just a few, but Shame On The Moon is most emphatically not one of them. The song is an overly sentimental collection of maudlin cliches, and when I hear it presented as "Classic Rock" I want to pick my radio up and toss it out, or through, a window.

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