Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Spider-Man 3 Speculation

The Movie Blog recently put up a pic of Spider-man in a black costume, along with much idle speculation about whether this means that Venom will be challenging the webbed wonder either in this installment or a future chapter of the Spidey saga.
I've done a little research and I don't think that Venom will not be popping up in Spider-Man 3. The announced villain for the film is The Sandman, to be played by Thomas Haden Church of Wings and Sideways fame, and, so far at least, director Sam Raimi has avoided the multiple villain, throw in everything including the kitchen sink mentality that made every Batman film after the first one such a bloody mess. There is, however, an article on the official Spidey movie site quotes Raimi as saying,"Spider-Man will face double the trouble in our next film..." so it's just possible he might find himself facing two super-crooks.
The real mystery is the addition of That 70's Show star Topher Grace to the cast in an as yet unspecified role. The above quote is from the article announcing his casting, so maybe he will be another villain.
Well, all of this just guess work until May 4 of next year, the scheduled release date.

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