Thursday, February 16, 2006

The Most Dangerous Veep

Okay, now I could not have been the only sentient being in this country who, upon hearing of the so-called "hunting accident" involving Vice President Dick Cheney, a vicious little prick who has no compunctions about hurling the "F-Word" around the hallowed halls of Congress and would probably just as soon kill you as look at you, immediately thought, "Accident my ass!"
I read that if the man Cheney shot had died, the VP could have been charged with negligent homicide. I can just imagine the Veep being hustled out of White House in handcuffs by the D.C. cops, head held high and defiantly shouting obscenities at the top of lungs to the cops, press corps, and assorted onlookers, then, when asked for a plea at his arraignment, declaring proudly, "One hundred percent not f***ing guilty!"
Ironically, it may have been the Veep's own poor health that saved his hapless victim's life. It seems that Cheney always travels with a full medical team in case his black little heart should give out.
The wretched criminal bastard got lucky this time.

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