Monday, March 06, 2006

What's Wrong With This Statement?

The following is a quote from Marvel Comics Assistant Editor Aubrey Sitterson from Comic Shop News #972 describing a book entitled Marvel Ai, one of the "super-hero" romance comics in Marvel's Valentine's Day stunt I (Heart) Marvel:
"(Marvel Ai) our shojo Manga issue of I (Heart) Marvel. All three stories are written by manga connoisseur C.B. Cebulskiwith art by Tomoko Taniguchi, Kei Kobayashi, and toga; three Japanese artists who, while unknown on these shores, have been doing fantastic work across the Atlantic."

Now, can you, my astute and non-geographically-challenged readers, spot just what is wrong with that statement?


Larned said...

They might be across the Pacific if they are in Japan, I think, but I am not a proffessional writer.

thebigcurve said...

pacific not atlantic