Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Response To An Angry Fan

I'm a little tired right now and probably not thinking clearly or I might reconsider the wisdom of what I'm about to write and then send forth into cyberspace, but I got a comment on my Marie Osmond rant from yesterday taking me to task for not having all the details and I want to respond. I'm sure that I'll regret it later, but here goes:
The commentor, who did not leave a name, said: "If you dont know the whole TRUE story then dont say anything at all" Hey, I never said I knew the whole story; I really don't care enough about Marie Osmond to meomorize every little bloody detail of her life as you obviously have. I was just commenting on something I saw on TV, which is what I do here at The Word From On High and which I have a right to do, no matter what my opinion is or what you think of it, as a citizen of the United States of America.
Secondly, "Anonymous", look down at the bottom of this post; that's my name, my real name ('cause I couldn't make up a name like "Tomczak"--pronounced Tomcheck, by the way) which I'm not afraid to attach to my rantings here no matter how stupid or uninformed they may be, and, frankly, I have no respect for the opinions of anyone who won't do the same, though you enjoy the same free speech rights I spoke of above, which, I suppose, include the right to attack people anonymously.
Finally, the "TRUE" details you provide really don't make any difference. In fact, it just makes the situation worse, in my view. She's out of state and the kids are left with man who can hardly care for himself because he's recovering from a brain tumor. That hardly qualifies her for a wife or mother of the year award.
I do, however, sincerely apologize for saying the child was playing with a lighter when apparently it was matches he was fooling around with. I am so sorry for the confusion and thank you so very much for clearing that up.


Anonymous said...

dude, you are such an insensitive ass hole
i hope you die and worms eat your feet

Larned said...

Well, Ray, I mean Dude,I see you have at least one major fan. This guy will probably read every single entry to this blog from now until you decide to quit.
Good going, now that's how to develop readership.