Sunday, March 05, 2006

Do The Research, Morons!

Just about every damned week in The Other Paper, Columbus, Ohio's free weekly rag for people who want to think that they are "alternative", there is fresh evidence that the majority of TOP's writers have no bloody idea what the hell they're writing about, as if they somehow believe that a cynical, snarky display of "attitude" will make up for utter lack of accuracy. This week's gem of poor research and just not paying attention comes from the regular Media Morsels columns:
"If Ohio State football is a religion, the writer of the blog Tressel's World had better go hide somewhere with Salman Rushdie and those Dutch cartoonists."(emphasis added)
Interestingly, there's no byline on this column, allowing the idiot who writes this crap to go on practicing his stupidity in blessed anonymity.
Anyone who's paid even cursory attention to the firestorm in Europe and the Middle East over the cartoons lampooning the Muslim prophet knows that the cartoonists responsible, or at least the newspaper that commissioned their work, are Danish.
It is unforgivable for the writer, whoever it may be, of a MEDIA column not to know even the most rudimentary details of the biggest international story of the year so far, which dominated the news media for the better part of two months. It's like a Washington correspondent listing the address of the White House as 1700 Pennsylvania.
Honestly, there is just no damned excuse for such ignorance of current events from someone whose job is to watch the freakin' news.
Y'know, if it weren't for Tom the Dancing Bug, I wouldn't even bother with that lame waste of paper.

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Best Vest said...

That guy definitely doesn't know what he's talking about, because I, Coach Jim Tressel, the writer of Tressel's World, am not going to hide in any caves. I'm Jim fucking Tressel! I'm the Pope of Ohio State Football, and it's a goddamn good thing there is no byline, because if there were that dumb knuckle fuck would have to go hide in a cave....from a big bowl of my Ass-Kick salad!

I whipe my ass with his pretentious elitist rag...after I'm done looking through the strip club advertisements in the back.