Saturday, August 25, 2007

Gallery Hop

So, next weekend, I, and the group of cartoonist of which I am a part known as Sunday Comix, will be having a gallery show at the Gallery Upstairs over the Surly Girl Saloon in the Short North. It's for one night only, but that night is the night of the monthly Gallery Hop, September 1st, so we should get a few people coming in, and I might even dupe some gullible fool into buying one of my pieces. (Yeah, right!)
Anyway, now that Blogger allows the uploading of videos directly from your computer, I thought I would test out that feature by presenting here a video that I made which previews the pieces that I'll be showing next weekend.

Hope to see you next Saturday!

Monday, August 13, 2007

GOP Has New "Frontrunner"

Even though he laughed off the idea when it was suggested by Chris Wallace (or maybe he was just laughing at Wallace, who is utterly ridiculous) on Fox News Sunday yesterday morning, former Massachussetts governor Mitt Romney, after coming out on top in the first actual, if totally meaningless, vote of the 2008 Presidential election season, the Iowa Non-binding Straw Poll on Saturday, could arguably be considered the current frontrunner for the Republican party's Presidential nomination.
This, to me, is very good news. Nominating Romney is one of the best things the GOP could do...for Democrats. Lots of movement conservatives and Christian right types have serious qualms about Rom's positions, or former position, he claims, on gay rights and abortion, as well as the fact that he's a Mormon. (Perhaps they're wondering if he'd bring a Second and Third or even Fourth Lady to the White House) Romney's nomination would probably cause more of these people to just stay home next November than even Guiliani's could. Hell, I'd bet even the obnoxious and disliked Hillary Clinton could win against the Rominator.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Tribute to Tom Snyder

The great Tom Snyder, one of the great voices, styles and personalities in the history of talk shows, died last Sunday at the age of 71.
Here he is interviewing three members of the cast of the 1950's classic "The Adventures of Superman": Jack Larson (Jimmy Olsen); Bob Shane (Inspector Henderson); and the lovely Noel Neill (the one, true Lois Lane), as well as Gary Grossman, author of the book "Superman: Serial to Cereal", which details the Man of Steel's filmed exploits from the Fleischer Studios cartoons through the Filmation TV cartoons of the 60's.

By the way, I have a copy of that book that I purchased way back in 1977 or '78, and a couple of years ago I got it signed by Ms Neill herself.