Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Welcome To My Life: Ray Gets "Personal"

In a comment a few weeks ago, a friend of mine said I should write less about Pop Culture and more about my life in this blog, to which I responded:
"I'm not even interested in my life. And more people are interested in pop culture than would be interested in my life, and when I started this blog, I set out to do a blog that people were going to read...which, to a small extent, has worked, as I do have a small but loyal group of regular readers. "
Yet, I'm sort of beginning to rethink that view a little after reading, within the space of less than two weeks, all four books by Chuck Klosterman, Pop Culture columnist for SPIN and Esquire magazines. I'll probably write an in-depth overview of Klosterman's oeuvre at some later date, but what is relevant for the purposes of this ramble is that the Klosterman book that I enjoyed the most was the one that happened to be, when all is said and done, the least about Pop Culture and mostly about Chuck Klosterman.
Some of you have been reading this blog for over a year, and some of you have actually met me, while some of my readers may have come to feel that they know me a little from my writing and the glimpses of my life that I have let slip. The question is, do you--does anyone besides "Cricket," the slightly disturbed young woman who left the above referenced comment---really want to read about such things as the fight I had with my sister this weekend (which was 86.5% my fault) or my hopeless infatuation with the chick who works at the convenience store where I buy cigarettes? I have written about such things in the past, when I can tie them into whatever bogus and poorly thought out point I am flailing to make or to explain why I didn't post on a given day or why what I did post makes absolutely no sense, but it's generally something I try to avoid. However, maybe The Word From On High might be more interesting if I injected a bit more of myself into it.
...except that I already do.
After all, these are my opinions and my thoughts and feelings on the what I read and see and hear. So, even though I'm not publicly flogging myself on this blog for my utter spinelessness in failing to ask the aforementioned convenience store chick out or regaling you with pointless details about my job or what I had for lunch, when you get right down to it, The Word is already all about me. In fact, you could actually say that it's all about my so-called personal life, because, quite honestly, until and unless I actually do get up the intestinal fortitude to invite the cigarette selling chick to have coffee with me sometime, writing this blog IS my personal life. Everything I watch on TV, all the music I listen to, every movie I may go to, and every book and graphic novel I read, every piker hand I fold, and even every conversation I have with a drunken stranger in a parking lot is potential fodder for a future entry.
So, it may be kind of pathetic if you really take any time to dwell on it, but....Welcome To My Life.
Tomorrow, I'm writing about ABBA!

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