Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Quotable Simon Cowell: Season 6; Top 11

After Paula suggested that nervous contestants should picture Simon undressed: "I'm asking Paula: Is that what you think about?"
To Haley: "You naughty little thing!...I think people are going to talking about a lot more than your singing tonight." Obviously a reference to the outfit she was barely wearing.
Responding to boos from the audience: "Sorry. Sorry for having an opinion." I don't think he really is sorry.
Ryan (sitting with Lakisha after her performance): "Hey, Cowell, what don't you like about this (Lakisha's) dress?"
Simon: "Your department."
To Jordan: "You sang it beautifully, but I feel like jumping off a bridge.....It was soooo gloomy."
To Sanjawa (indicating a young girl in the audience in tears): "I think the little girl's face says it all." Of course, she was actually happy about hearing Sanjawa sing. She and all her little friends are probably who vote for him every week. Shouldn't they be in bed? It is a school night, after all.
Criticizing Paula's advice to Gina: "All this 'feel free' nonsense; that's not advice. You've got to sing well. That's what this competition should be about."
To Melinda: "Melinda, I have to ask you a question. Are you really as nice as you seem?" I think she is, and although I may have predicted that Chris Sligh will win, the one I truly want to win is Melinda Doolittle.

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