Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Latest "IDOL" Non-Controversy: What WOULD Jesus Sing (If he were on IDOL)?

`Idol' Contestant's Faith Questioned

I do not even have the time to go into all that pisses me off about that article. Mostly it is the narrow minded view that those so-called "Christians" hold of how a "Christian" is supposed to act and even what kind of music they're supposed to like. That Chris Sligh isn't standing up on the American Idol stage every week actively trying to save the souls of America's great unwashed masses of heathens and liberals doesn't make him any less of a "Christian." Frankly, most of the so-called "Christian Rock" that I've heard has been pretty lame, and Sligh wouldn't even have made into the Top 12 if he'd sang that garbage. Moreover, I don't need anyone, even if he is the next American Idol, trying to force his lifestyle on me, just as I wouldn't wish my life on my worst enemy.
C'mon, people, leave him alone. Let him win Idol, and get his recording contract. Then you can be pissed off if he doesn't make exactly the CD that you believe that that your narrow minded god would want him to make. But by that time, I doubt he'll care.

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