Saturday, March 03, 2007

The Quotable Simon Cowell: Semi-Finals Week 2

To Sanjaya: "It was like some ghastly lunch where after lunch your parents have asked the children to dress up and sing." Is that how you got into the music biz, Si?
To Brandon: "All this 'I'm feeling it' nonsense doesn't work."
"I love Grandmas."
"And I like puppies." use for football (soccer) practice.
To Alaina: "It was like Randy taking part in a hundred meter sprint; i.e. three quarters of the way through the race, he would run out of steam."
To Melinda: "We've had some precocious little monsters on this show..." Let me be clear that he was saying that Melinda is just the opposite of that.
Responding to Antonella: "Let me be absolutely clear. We put Jennifer Hudson in American Idol. The American audience decided to vote her out."
Referring to Leslie's scatting: "...that bit at the end you sounded like Paula talking. That's what it reminded me of. Paula judging the show."
To Sabrina: "Don't confuse power with shouting." Also good advice for writers of super-hero comics.

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