Wednesday, March 21, 2007

One Month Until SPACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, does everyone know what today is?

No, not the first day of Spring! Today is exactly one month before the fabulous, frantic and fun-filled 2007 edition of the Small Press and Alternative Comics Expo, referred by hipsters and those in the know as SPACE. The show expands to two days for the first time this year, meaning you will have the opportunity to wander breathlessly about the vast multi-purpose room of the Aladdin Shrine Center on Steltzer Rd in Columbus, Ohio, admiring and, we hope, purchasing, the work of a variety of independant comics creators, on both Saturday, April 21 and Sunday the 22nd.
The show will also features numerous panel discussion, held in a secluded room off a dimly lit back hallway, as well as the presentation of the Howard Eugend Day Memorial Prize, or simply The Day Prize, by erstwhile Cerebus creator Dave Sim.
With only a month left, my own preparations for the festival must now kick into high gear. I am in the process of organizing two panels, and I am planning to publish a collection of the Wasted Potential strips that ran in the Atomic Tomorrow and Columbus Alive! as well as the Pop Darts strips from TAT. Despite all the running around and banging of my head against walls that all of that entails, I shall endeavor to still find the time to post here my prodigious and eagerly anticipated wisdom.
Good day and I look forward to seeing you all at SPACE.

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