Thursday, March 15, 2007

"'Til Death"--Let's Hope It Comes Soon For Awful Sitcom

Until last night, I had not watched the new Fox sitcom 'Til Death, starring Brad Garrett. The promos that aired before it premiered last fall seemed to promise another unfunny, unoriginal sitcom about a bickering married couple in the vein of Married, With Children. Perhaps I wasn't the only one avoiding the show, as Fox last night "rewarded" it with the post American timeslot, hoping to trick people too lazy to even pick up the damned remote, like me, into watching it.
Well, I won't fall for that trick again. Frankly, the show is so awful that I'm not going to waste time writing a review, since listing everything that I don't like about this lump of stinky crap would take more time than I have available right now. I'll just sum it up in five words: It sucks; I hate it.
However, I suppose it is preferable to another edition of Unanimous, the utterly heinous "reality" show that followed the Idol results show last spring. (If you have, mercifully, forgotten about this particular pile of excrement, here's my review from last year.)

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