Saturday, March 24, 2007

Idol Speculation: Top 10 Round-Up

As of this week, American Idol is down to ten contestants. I've already picked who I think is going to win, and here is my run-down of the rest of the Top 10.
Will Win: Chris Sligh
Should Win: Lakisha Jones
Who I Want to Win: Melinda Doolittle
Will Have Most Successful Post-Idol Debut CD: Blake Lewis
Destined for Longest, and ultimately Most Successful Post-Idol Career: Jordin Sparks
Most Likely to Pursue a Marginally Successful Acting Career: Chris Richardson
Most Likely to End Up Co-Hosting a Local Morning TV Show: Haley Scarnato
Most likely to be Singing in a Bar Band Well into Her 50's: Gina Glockson
Most Likely to Go Back to Exactly What He Was Doing Before Idol: Phil Stacy
Most Likely to Spend the Rest of His Miserable Life in a Pathetic Attempt to Recapture this Fleeting Moment of Youthful Glory: Sanjawa Malakar

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