Monday, March 05, 2007

Goolies Get Together!

About a dozen years ago, a CD called Saturday Morning's Greatest Hits came out featuring "alternative" rock acts doing songs from TV cartoons. It was mostly theme songs, but there were a few tunes featured in individual episodes, such as The Violent Femmes tearing up the Jetsons classic "Eep-Op-Ork-Ah-Ah (Means I Love You)." Sadly, no one chose to cover that chase scene classic, "Hey, Girl, Ya Got Me Runnin'," from Scooby-Doo, Where Are You? though that show's theme as rendered by Matthew Sweet is featured.
Also on the disk is the Toadies version of "Goolies' Get Together" the theme from The Groovy Goolies Show, in which they sing the lyrics as "Everybody shout--C'mon, now, sing out! It's time for the Goolies' Get Together!" For years, I was convinced that those were not the correct lyrics. I distinctly remembered the song being, "Everybody shout--Let the bells ring out!" At least, I thought I did. Until yesterday, when I found the opening of the Goolies on YouTube, and, sure enough, the lyrics were, indeed, "C'mon, now, sing out!" as you can hear in the clip below. (more below)
Howover, I'm not totally sure that I'm completely wrong. You might remember that in the early 70's it was practically mandatory that the cast of a Saturday morning show double as a bubblegum pop band and do a number at the end of each episode. I seem to remember that one of those segments featured a version of "Goolies' Get Together" and that may be from where I am remembering the "Let the bells ring out!" lyric.
If anybody out there has any knowledge or recollection of an alternate version of the Goolies theme, let me know. Leave a comment here or e-mail me at and if you happen to have video of it, post it on YouTube and send me a link.
Anyway, just for the sake of comparison, I leave you with the Toadies version of "Goolies Get-Together." Dig it.


Cricket said...

Hello spaz, darlin'. You know, you need to write about yourself in this thing, because I'm more interested in your life than I am in pop culture. Seriously, write about yourself. In my blog, that's all I do; pretty ego-tastic, if you think about it.

Respond to this or suffer.

Ray "!!" Tomczak said...

I'm not even interested in my life. And more people are interested in pop culture than would be interested in my life, and when I started this blog, I set out to do a blog that people were going to read...which, to a small extent, has worked, as I do have a small but loyal group of regular readers. If you want to hear about my life, write me at the e-mail address in this entry and I'll fill you in on all the sad, pathetic details of the life of a sad, pathetic lonely 41 year old man.
btw, it's good to hear from you...I really do hope you write me..Thanks