Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Warning To Dems: Fred Thompson Could Be Serious Threat

This is an outrage!

I just ran a search on Google for blog entries about Fred Thompson's non-announcement that he might just possibly consider thinking about running for President next year, and my entry from Sunday wasn't among the results....
There are, however, thousands of results, both in blogs and other news outlets. Thompson's half-assed declaration of intent to seek the Presidency is being treated as if it were real news, which certainly wouldn't be happening if he were just a former Senator from Tennessee and not a bona-fide TeeVee star. Many conservative bloggers seem to be throwing their support behind the latest non-candidate, hailing him as the only true conservative in the race that he's not yet in and as the GOP's best chance to retain the White House.
That last part I agree with. And this is why the Democrats can not, must not nominate Hilary Clinton. Thompson's fame from Law & Order may just be enough to catapult him to the Presidency no matter what his politics, because people tend to feel that they know and like actors who they see every week on TV. (Actually, with the hours of L&O reruns available on basic cable, it's more like several times a day.) Meanwhile, a huge chunk of the country really, really does not like Hilary. Given that, she stands very little chance of winning in the general election against someone who isn't a beloved star of a beloved TV series, and against someone who is, she's doomed. Doomed, I tell you.
Seriously, this is a call to the base of the Democratic Party to wake the hell up and smell the friggin' coffee while there is still time...Hilary can not and will not win next year, especially if she ends up going up against Fred Thompson. Do not let your best chance to restore some sanity to how this nation is run slip through your fingers! Please, I urge you, Democrats, to nominate Barack Obama or, my personal favorite, John Edwards. Anybody---For the Love of All That Is Holy--ANYBODY BUT HILARY!!!! (Ok, maybe not Dennis Kucinich, though. He's kind of a little nuts.)

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