Saturday, March 17, 2007

TV History Made Last Night--and Ray Misses It!

God, I hate the friggin' NCAA Tournament. Well, I hate most sports, but that stupid basketball tournament most of all, and here's why:
I hate it because it pre-empts my game shows. Last year, you may remember, when Wheel of Fortune got knocked off Channel 10 in favor of basketball, I turned over to Access Hollywood on Channel 4 where I caught an interview with Marie Osmond which I subsequently wrote about here and ended up pissing off some anonymous fan. (If you didn't read this great moment in blogging, click here and check it out.)
Jeopardy! airs on 10 just before Wheel on most non-March Madness weekday evenings. I've seen a few ties on the show over the years where two contestants end up with the same dollar amount after Final Jeopardy and and both come back as returning champions to face off on the next show. Every time this happens, I wonder to myself what would happen if there were ever a three way tie. Would they actually bring everyone back while all the other prospective contestants cool their heels backstage?
Well, apparently this had never happened in either the Art Fleming or Alex Trebek incarnations of the show over its entire four decade history, and wouldn't you know that it would have to go and happen on last night's show, which, of course, I didn't get to see because of the damned idiot basketball tournament! All three contestants ended with the somewhat modest (by recent Jeopardy! standards) total of $16,000 and, indeed, the next wave of challengers will have to wait for another episode while these three return on Monday's show to settle things a tad more decisively.
I don't really follow any sport, so I'm not sure, but there aren't any games on Monday, are there? If I couldn't see game show history being made, will I at least be able to see the aftermath?

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