Saturday, March 03, 2007

Idol Gossip: Not Feeling So Darned Good Now, Are Ya?

It's time for this peerless prognosticator to predicate another peerless prediction: I frankly and fearlessly forecast that the song "Feeling Good" will never, ever again be heard upon the American Idol stage.
Face it, faithful followers, after this past week, you could not be blamed for believing that the song is somehow cursed. Or perhaps Idol voters just don't dig it. The facts, however, are utterly unassailable. After A.J. and Leslie both crooned that tune, they were summarily suffered a premature departure from the show while others far more deserving of a ticket back to total obscurity continue their Idol sojourn, remaining to torture America's timpanic membranes for another week at least.
Why Antonella Barba remains on the show is an utter mystery to me, though it could be, as former Other Paper writer Johnny DiLorretto theorized in his Idol wrap-up on Channel 28's Newscenter, that she's enjoying the effects of the publicity surrounding the topless photos of her that have surfaced on the Interweb. (As to whether a report on a TV talent competition actually belongs on a broadcast purporting to be a news show, that is a rant for another time. You can't fault DiLorretto, of course, since, coming from TOP, he wouldn't know real news if it bit him on the ass.)
Sanjaya should probably have been kicked to the curb as well, but that's a little less of a mystery. He's sticking around because America thinks he's cute. As The Cowell spake last week, "...(T)hey'll like your hair," and that might just be barely enough to carry the kid into the Top 12.

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