Thursday, March 29, 2007

In Jeopardy! Once More

(This is essentially a continuation of one of my posts from Saturday)
Now, last night's game was how Jeopardy! oughta be played.

Challenger Brendan looked for a while as if he were going to run away with it, as he had more than twice as much money as the other two. Late in the Double Jeopardy! round however, Doug, the returning champion staged a comeback and at the end of the round only $200 separated them with Samantha in third place and with seemingly no chance of winning.
Going into Final Jeopardy! the scores were:
All three wagered heavily, with both challengers risking everything and Doug putting up all but about $200. Only Samantha came up with the correct response to the final clue, and when Doug's wager was revealed she let out a startled "Oh, My GOD!" as she realized that she had come from an extremely distant third place to become the next Jeopardy! champion.
It may not have been "historic," but it was a quintessential Jeopardy! moment, and a lot more fun to watch than any tie.

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