Wednesday, March 07, 2007

This Season's Final Rant About How Bad "The Class" Is

I didn't post anything yesterday, not only because I was really tired and just wanted to drop into a coma, but because the only thing I would have written anyway would have been another rant about how bad CBS' The Class is, especially Monday's lame-ass season finale. I've been over that territory twice before and I thought you, my loyal and long suffering readership, might find it a bit tiresome...and yet...can'
Most of the episode was lame but inoffensive, as the characters dealt with the aftermath of last episode's ridiculous plot twist, Yonk's heart attack. Predictably, this led to Nicole deciding not to leave him for Duncan, thus setting up this episode's ridiculous plot twist: While Ethan sits outside Kat's apartment with a rose waiting to tell her how he feels about her, Kat is, for reasons that make very little sense, at Duncan's house getting drunk and watching The Lake House. For no other reason than the script says so, they start kissing and are getting ready to have sex as the credits roll...
This is the most contrived, unnatural and forced plot development to date on a series that has at least one contrived, unnatural and forced plot development per episode. It seems out of character for Kat, although all the characters are so sketchy, vague and underdeveloped that its hard to say what's in or out of character for any of them. The only purpose of hooking up Kat and Duncan is to through a roadblock in the path of the seemingly inevitable coupling of Kat and Ethan. Their courtship will probably drag on interminably, "Ross and Rachel" style, for as long as this sad excuse for a sitcom continues to waste network airtime.
The problems with this show are not easy to fix. In fact, I don't think it can be saved, when the basic premise, that a group of people who haven't seen or spoken to each other in two decades suddenly become best buddies and hang around each other constantly after reuniting at a painfully bad party, is ridiculous and unbelievable. And if you can't buy the basic concept of a show, then no mere shake-up in the writing staff is going to help.

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