Friday, December 15, 2006

Where M'Peeps At?

So, I've been on a bit of a spree as far as posting here at The Word From On High this past week, throwing up 20 entries since Monday, not counting this here one, and passing the 300 mark in total posts just yesterday with the last in my series of posts on the book The Man Time Forgot. So, I'm kind of wondering if anybody actually reading any of this. It's been a while since there've been any comments on the blog. Where are my loyal, regular readers? Jack? Larned? Eric? Dave? Kathleen? Owen?
I know I'm sounding all desperate and needy here, but how about showing me some love and posting a few comments, thus making all the work I've put into this thing this week seem somewhat worthwhile. C'mon, Guys--let me know you're still out there, if, in fact, you are. New friends and readers are, of course, welcome and encouraged to throw their two cents in as well.
While anonymous comments are allowed, I would appreciate it if you'd leave a name. Especially if you're going to say something negative, you should have the balls to tell me who you are.

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