Tuesday, December 19, 2006

"Identity" Lacks One of Its Own

In NBC's newest game show, Identity, contestants are presented with twelve people whom they must match with twelve descriptions, such as "shark attack victim","Scientologist", or "creator of Spider-Man" (Yes, it appears that Smilin' Stan "The Man" Lee will be showing up at sometime during the week-long "event".) in order to potentially win a half million dollars.
Though it does not require knowledge of arcane trivia or celebrity gossip, Identity is very similar to earlier game shows 1 vs 100 and even Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. All feature escalating cash values for each correct answer, three "helps", an option to take the money accumulated so far and go away, as well as stentorian music and annoying flashing lights.
Though host Penn Jillette is infinitely cool and always fun to watch in whatever he does, the similarities to past shows give Identity a "been there/done that" kind of feel.
The current resurgence in popularity of the game show genre will not last if networks and producers insist on simply giving us endless remakes of the same basic show.

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