Thursday, December 14, 2006

Golden Age Green Lantern Creator Martin Nodell Dies at 91

USA Today reported on Tuesday that Martin Nodell, known to fans of the super-hero genre in comic books as the creator of the original (Alan Scott) version of the hero Green Lantern died on Saturday at the ager of 91. Nodell's creation first appeared in the sixteenth issue of All-American Comics and went on to be given his own title and become a founding member of comics' first super-hero team, The Justice Society of America. When the JSA was revived in the pages of their successor team, The Justice League of America's magazine, Green Lantern was there, crossing over from Earth-Two to Earth-One with the rest of the team, and has continued to appear in the comics along his teammates in the JSA to this very day. Furthermore, Nodell's original GL inspired the Silver Age incarnation of Green Lantern, who also appears regularly, both alongside the Justice League and solo in his own monthly title.
I had the distinct pleasure of meeting of seeing Mr. Nodell at Mid-Ohio Con a few years ago, and found him to be a very nice gentlemen and I'm glad that I got to meet him, however briefly.

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