Saturday, December 30, 2006

New Indiana Jones Film Coming

I was planning on hanging up the blogging hat for the year following my last post, but then I noticed that I had 59 posts for the month of December, so I decided to go for 60, setting a personal record that will most likely stand for months, even years, to come.
Speaking of 60, does anyone really want to see a 65 year old Indiana Jones being chased by aging Nazis? Well, Steven Spielberg and Harrison Ford think that you do, as they're prepared to begin filming the long anticipated, and therefore most likely destined to totally suck, fourth Indiana Jones flick sometime during the coming year, for a release in 2008. No title for the new film has been announced yet, but here's some suggestions: Indiana Jones and the All you Can Eat Buffet; Indiana Jones and the Tuesday Night Bingo Game; Indiana Jones Deposits His Social Security Check; or Indiana Jones and the Retirement Community of Doom.

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