Friday, December 15, 2006

Him? "Cool?" You're Joking, Right?

While reading the cover story of Comic Shop News this week, I came across this quote from Brian Reed, the co-writer, with Brian Michael Bendis, of the soon to be released Marvel Comics limited series New Avengers: the Illuminati, concerning his and Bendis' plans for upcoming issues: "...(W)e're walking into one of the biggest challenges in the Marvel Universe: making the Beyonder cool again."
Hello? Again? Did I read that right? Did he say "again?"
When, I must ask you, Mr. Reed, just exactly when was the Beyonder ever "cool?" I've read both Secret Wars limited series (Oh My God!! I'm having a Secret Wars II flashback!! The HORROR!! The HORROR!!!) and I can unequivocally proclaim that the answer to my query is, unfortunately: NEVER. At no time. Not once, not even for a second.
Of course, if any one currently writing for Marvel could make the Beyonder cool--for the very first time--it would be Reed's partner, Brian Bendis.

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