Thursday, December 14, 2006

In This Week's TV Guide....

Reactions to a couple of things in the latest issue of TV Guide:

First, in her "Is It Just Me?" column, Rochell Thomas chides frequent Oprah! guest for Dr. Mehmet Oz for appearing on the show in scrubs rather than a suit, going so far as to refer to Winfrey's show as "...the Church of O."
Get real, lady. Oprah Winfrey's set is no church, nor is it the Oval Office, and Winfrey is not the President and she sure as hell ain't God. It's just television, and a talk show, one of the lowest forms of television, at that and Oprah's just another talk show host, no different really from Jerry Springer.
Elsewhere, the Guide gives a Cheer " 30 Rock for improving..." and a Jeer " Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip for completely falling apart..." after what TV Guide called their "promising" pilots. I, as you must suspect, disagree. I didn't finc either pilot all that rich in promise, especially considering each show's impressive creative pedigree. However, 30 Rock has remained unimpressive to me, while Studio 60 has been somewhat neven in quality but most episodes have been quite good and much better than the pilot.

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