Friday, December 15, 2006

The OJ Debacle Rears Its Ugly Head Again

So, Monday I heard on the TV news that bootleg copies of O.J. Simpson's scuttled book, If I Did It, reportedly detailing how he might have killed his wife and her friend and gotten away with it if he had done it, which he still says he didn't, turned up for sale on a few web-sites, including e-bay, last weekend, but were pulled by site administrators out of "respect for the victims."
The only dead people just about anybody, especially those with a business to run, respect anymore are Ulysses S. Grant and Benjamen Franklin. If NewsCorp head Rupert Murdoch, who nixed the book and accompanying TV special on his FOX network, thought for one second that he could make more dough selling the book than he stood to lose by offending a goodly portion of the US citizenry, then you know that book would be staring out at us from bookstore windows all over the nation right this minute, just in time for holiday gift-giving---and the same applies to the "respectful" webmasters.
Y'know, if you think O.J. writing a book called If I Did It caused an uproar, just think if he'd gone with his working title: Yeah, I Did It. Whatcha Gonna Do 'Bout It, Bitches? subtitled NYAH! NYAH! NYAH! Double Jeopardy, Suckahs! NYAH!NYAH!NYAH!

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