Thursday, June 01, 2006

Whatever Happened To...That Guy...From That TV Show?

I was watching Last Comic Standing on Tuesday night, and among the thousands of people vying for a spot in the next round I was surprised to see someone I actually recognized, Marc Price, the former child actor who played the Keaton's annoying next door neighbor "Skippy" on the quintessentially 80's sitcom Family Ties. He joked that he chose Last Comic Standing to make his return to weekly TV because his only other option was Celebrity Fit Club (seems he's gained a pound or two since Ties ended).
Back when I was in college, only a couple of years after Ties ended and more people still knew who he was, Price did a show at my college, Clarion University of Pennsylvania. I didn't attend and I've always regretted that. (I do not, however, regret my decision to stay home when Yakov Smirnov came to campus.)
It looks like little has changed for Price in the twenty years since he passed through Clarion, Pennsylvania. Apparently, he's still doing his stand up act and attempting in vain to recreate his seven and a half minutes of near fame. At least he seems healthy and well-adjusted, not dead, on drugs, or in jail like some other former child stars.
Unfortunately for "Skippy" (I bet he hates it when people call him that, and I bet many still do), despite being invited back by the judges to perform in front of a live audience, he failed to advance to the semi-finals. Well, Skipster, there's always The Surreal Life.
By the way, all this has got me wondering whatever became of Saved By The Bell's Dustin Diamond (Screech)?

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