Wednesday, June 21, 2006

"Reality" Re-Cap: Last Chance for Last Comic Standing

After last night, I'm just not sure that I want to continue watching Last Comic Standing. Now that the preliminary rounds are behind us, the show has morphed into some sort of half-assed cross between Big Brother and American Idol. I wish they'd drop the "behind the scenes" crap and concentrate on the performances by the comics. If I want to see who unfunny fat chicks yelling at each other, I'll go---well, nowhere, because I just don't need to see that crap. And I just don't need a Big Brother clone right now when the real thing is about to kick off. In fact, tonight the special which will present the past houseguests eligible to return to the show for this year's All Star edition airs at 8 pm. Fans will then have a week to vote on who gets into the house.
Anyway, back to LCS. I think I'll give it one more chance, but if the stunningly unfunny Roz makes it past next week I'm so outta there.

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