Monday, June 05, 2006

Reality Preview: America's Got Talent

Two of the most annoying men on TV are teaming up to bring us the latest "reality" show hoping to cash in on the success of American Idol. The annoying men are Idol's co-creator Simon Cowell, and the man who helped kick off the current "reality" TV craze as host of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?, Regis Francis Xavier Philbin, and the show is called America's Got Talent, created by Cowell and hosted by Philbin, debuting on NBC on June 21.
Unlike other recent talent competitions, such as Idol, So you Think You Can Dance and Last Comic Standing, AGT is open to anybody with (or without) any talent. The promos have shown singers, dancers, and even jugglers. Personally, I hope to see a plate spinner. You never see plate spinners much anymore, not since the demise of The Ed Sullivan Show. (I do remember seeing one on David Letterman's show a few years back, though..which is appropriate, as Dave broadcasts out of the Ed Sullivan Theater) It would be a shame for plate spinning to become a lost art, even though it is kind of a silly thing for people to be entertained by. But then again, so is 85% of what's on TV.

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