Sunday, June 04, 2006

A Rare Admission of Error

I really, really hate to be wrong, and I hate admitting that I was wrong even more.
However, it is important to me to maintain the faith and trust of my readers, therefore I will admit the rare mistakes that I do make.
A while back, I posted a trivia question that asked for Clark Kent's favorite book, and the answer was To Kill A Mockingbird. Later, when I read the collected edition of the Reign of the Supermen storyline, published in trade paperback as The Return of Superman, it was the film version of Mockingbird that was revealed as Clark's favorite movie. I wondered if I'd remembered it wrong or if DC had changed it for the book for some reason.
My copies of the original issues are stored in my sister's basement, so I couldn't check right away. In fact, it wasn't until yesterday, when I was at her house for the monthly poker game which she graciously allows me to hold there, that I was able to dig out the relevant comics.
Well, it turns out that I had, in fact, remembered that sequence from Superman #81 (Sept. 1993) differently than Dan Jurgens had actually written it. To Kill A Mockingbird is, in fact, Clark Kent's favorite movie.
I guess a guy like Superman who's constantly saving the world from super-villains and alien invasions just doesn't have a lot of time for reading novels. Although, as he is a newspaper reporter, it sort of made more sense to me that he would prefer the printed version to the film. (But expecting anything written by Jurgens to make any sort of sense on any level is futile, but that's an entry for another day perhaps.)

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