Saturday, June 24, 2006

"Reality" Watch: Big Brother All-Star Voting

Just surfed back from the CBS web-site, where I voted once again for my favorite Big Brother houseguests from summers past whom I should like to see return. I plan on hitting the site everyday until the voting closes on Wednesday.
When I posted my personal list of former houseguests I wanted to see again, it was well before the list of candidates was announced, but I seemed to have a pretty good line on what the producers of BB were thinking as half of the dozen that I named made the list. (Marcellas, though, was a no-brainer. You didn't have to be freakin' Nostradomus to predict that he'd be on the list.)
Of those six, there are four that I've been voting for and really, really, deeply want to see back in the house:
Nakomis (BB 5): She's a much better strategic player than she gave herself credit for on Wednesday's special. The "backdoor" nomination strategy (the Head of Household putting up two "pawns", then nominating the person he really wants gone after the veto ceremony when that person can no longer save himself) that was used to devastating effect last summer was pioneered by Nakomis. Plus, she's a hot chick with green hair. What more could anyone want?
Janelle (BB6): A lot better player than anyone gave her credit for. No green hair but still hot.
Kaysar (BB6): As I said two weeks ago, Kaysar was one of the finest strategic players the house has seen before he let his emotions get the best of him and made a stupid mistake that got him tossed out a second time.
Howie (BB 6): Quite frankly, Howie is not a good player. His stint as HOH was disastrous for his alliance. He is ,however, unpredictable and funny.
Then there are the people I really don't need to see again.
Ivette (BB6): No. Just NO. That's all I'm gonna say.
Bunky (BB2): As I've stated earlier, I didn't really get into BB until BB3. This guy--Bunky--is the reason I didn't watch BB2. I saw just enough of it to know that I didn't want to see anymore of this big hairy crying freak.
Alison (BB4): Geez, hasn't this wench been on TV enough? After BB4, she and her boyfriend Donny did The Amazing Race. I think the world has seen enough of her.
Well, we'll just have to wait and see who gets in and who doesn't.....Excuse me, I've written enough for today, I'm going back to vote again.

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