Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Summer Movie Preview--Clerks II

"Ten years ago,
they were going nowhere.
they've finally arrived."
Even with a new X-Men movie out and the return of the Superman film franchise, there really wasn't any movie scheduled to come out this summer that I was really looking forward to. That is, until I checked out some trailers on-line before writing yesterday's entry. Now there is one flick that I can't wait to see, and no, it sure as hell ain't Snakes On A Plane (Geeeezz, just the title gives the creeps.) I'm talking, of course, about the film whose trailer I quote above, Clerks II, the sequel to the 1994 low budget cult favorite that launched Kevin Smith's career.
Smith claims that he made the film because, while working on the 1oth anniversary DVD of the original, he was reminded of why he loved these characters and why he got into film making in the first place. Apparently, Smith also promised Jason Mewes, aka Jay of Jay and Silent Bob, that if Mewes could stay off drugs, he'd make one more Jay and Silent Bob picture.
Whatever Smith's reasons for making the film, I'm glad he did. Unlike some of his other film, like Dogma, he appears to have no message to convey or axe to grind and set out merely to make people laugh. Which, if the trailers are any indication, he has done.
The humor is in the same vein as the first Clerks, perhaps even more extreme, but the setting is new.
The Quik Stop burns down..
Randall surveys the wreckage. "Terrorists?"
No. Not quite.
"I left the coffee pot on again, didn't I?"
...and Dante and Randall move into a field even more degrading and dehumanizing than working in a convenience store---Fast Food. They end up at Mooby's, the fictional fast food chain that was, I believe, introduced in Dogma, bringing their eternally adolescent disrespect for both the bosses and the customers, especially the customers, with them.
Not much more to say until I've seen it, so I'm outta here.
See you tomorrow.

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Jack Bertram said...

I'm looking forward to Clerks II also. That's all I've got to say today. It's hot out here in California. I've got to take a nap.