Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Yam Jam

Last night on Jeopardy! the $2000 answer in the category Edible Rhyme Time was something like "Toast spread made from a potato like tuber" (that's very close, but I wasn't taking notes or anything. I saved the note taking for American Idol), and the correct question was "What is Yam Jam?" I thought when I heard that, "Hey! That sounds pretty good. I would eat that." You know what, I'll bet a lot of other people would, too.
Yep, I bet that if I could invent a sandwich spread made from yams, it would sell like hotcakes (hotcakes with yam jam, that is) and I would be an overnight millionaire.
Damn. At times like this, I sort of wish I knew how to cook.

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