Tuesday, January 23, 2007

2008 Presidential Race Well Underway.....

With more than a year before anyone gets near a voting machine to even decide who we're going to have to decide between in the Presidential election next year, there are, last I heard--but that was two days ago and there may be twice as many by now, eighteen candidates; nine from each party. They range from the hopeless and goofy, like Dennis Kucinich, to serious contenders like Hillary Clinton (who must be stopped! Dems may love her, but if she is nominated, she will lose the general and America will be saddled with John McCain for at least four years) to the man whose announcement I present below (and who will whip McCain's tush if the two go head to head):

Well, that probably makes it pretty clear who I'm planning to vote for--at least in the primary. That's if he even makes it to the Ohio primary. 2004's "promising newcomer," Howard Dean, crashed and burned long before I would have gotten a chance to vote for him, which I did intend to do. Of course, Obama seems a much calmer sort, not given to career killing screams.

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