Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Blackwell Still Controversial Even Out of Office.

From the Columbus Dispatch:
Blackwell staff got goodbye bonuses

The article begins: "Before leaving office this month, Secretary of State J. Kenneth Blackwell gave parting payments totaling more than $80,000 to 19 top staffers who were not kept by new Secretary Jennifer Brunner. "
Now these "questionable bonuses," as Brunner calls them, are controversial in some circles, especially with the new Democratic regime, who dislike Blackwell and with good reason. However, I think the bonuses are well deserved and a suitable reward for all the hard work Ken Blackwell's loyal staff put in over the years.
Stealing elections isn't easy, you know. Blackwell and his cronies, however, went to heroic lengths to disenfranchise and suppress minority and Democratic voters and deliver the Buckeye State firmly into George W. Bush's camp, for which they certainly deserve their thirty pieces of silver.

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