Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Burger King of the Jews

I signed at YouTube, as you can see. I figured if anything interesting happened on, say, last night's Golden Globe Awards show, someone would post it and I could show it to you. Of course, other than Sacha Baron Cohen's tasteless and inappropriate acceptance speech, nothing noteworthy occurred. The Globes have a rep as the awards show where anything can happen, but based on last night's outing, I'd say that's basically just an urban legend. It was, from where I sat, yet another dull exercise in entertainment industry self-congratulation, and not the last one we're going to have to endure during the next month. The worst part, other than Cohen's speech, was Warren Beatty's halting and awkward speech. You would think one of the best actors of the 20th century would know the value of a good script. Or any script, for that matter.
In the absence of anything newsworthy from the Globes, I bring you this video. It is unrelentingly sacrilegious and utterly hilarious, and everything's funnier when you say it in a thick Scottish brogue.

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