Friday, January 12, 2007

(Now, THAT'S Trivia #21) More Resolutions

Back on January 2nd, I posted my semi-serious resolution to "let no grievance go unaired," but now, while it may be a little late (2007 is already nearly 1/24 over), I have some real resolutions to share with you.

First, I resolve to read more. Sure, as you can tell from my posts here, I read quite a bit. But lately, other than comics, all the books I'm reading are nonfiction. So, more accurately, I resolve to read more novels, specifically three novels by two of my favorite authors that have been sitting unread on my bookshelf for months, if not years. They are A Widow For One Year and Until I Find You by John Irving, and The Night Listener by Amistead Maupin. Widow and Listener have been made into movies which I've put off seeing because I've yet to read the books, After all, how can I bitch on my blog here that the films suck and are nothing like the books if I haven't read them, right?
My second resolution is to bring back the trivia quiz, which I abandoned way back in July. This time, however, it won't be a weekly feature, but will pop up whenever I think of a really good question. Like now.
I was watching a DVD of old Underdog cartoons a while ago, and one of the extras was an interview with one of the character's creators, who said that he based the appearance of Underdog's gal pal Sweet Polly Purebred on an actress who was quite famous at the time.
Thus, the trivia question is: Who was she?
For the first time in months, you have a reason to visit The Answer Blog.

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