Monday, January 29, 2007

Somewhat Belated Hype: Wasted Potential Now On-Line!!!!

Given my penchant for shameless self-promotion, it amazes me that I have not yet used this, my most public forum, to announce to the world that I have finally and at long last placed my acclaimed and beloved comic strip Wasted Potential on the wonderful World Wide Web. Let me therefore correct this egregious oversight forthwith.
Yes, eager appreciators of fine sequential art, Wasted Potential, the finest semi-autobiographical weekly comic strip ever, is now available for one and all to view, absolutely free of charge and a bargain at twice the price, on the Internet. You may have noticed the section on my sidebar here entitled "My Other Blogs." Well, simply click on Wasted Potential, or click on the name of the strip anywhere in this very post, and be taken to the world of wonderment that is Wasted Potential. Three classics of modern humor currently reside there and a new strip will be posted every Sunday, usually shortly after one o'clock in the afternoon.
Also on the web is Pop Darts, the short lived strip of Pop Culture spoofery which ran alongside Wasted Potential in the late unlamented (by me, at least, but don't get me started on that rant) The Atomic Tomorrow. I only did ten of these strips, only six of which appeared in TAT, and the entire run of the strip appears on the blog The Complete Pop Darts.
I urge you, then, to follow the many helpful links scattered throughout this entry or to the right over there and experience sequential art enjoyment such as you have never known.

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