Wednesday, April 12, 2006

(STRAY THOUGHTS) Topic: West Wing Memories

Just before heading on over here to the library to continue my tradition of bringing you the finest in blogging entertainment, and entertainment blogging, I was listening to a compilation CD entitled NonStop 90's Rock on which there sits a cut by The Presidents of the United States of America. Having had the TV series The West Wing much on my mind these past few days, I could not help but be reminded by the band's name of that series' pilot episode, specificly the scene just before the opening credits where Deputy Communications Director Sam Seaborn is leaving Laurie's apartment in the morning after receiving the message "POTUS in bicycle crash."
"Tell your friend POTUS he has a funny name," Laurie says as Sam leaves.
"He's not my friend, he's my boss," Sam replies. "And POTUS isn't his name, it's his title: President Of The United States."
That's one of my favorite moments from any TV show ever.

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