Sunday, April 02, 2006

Random Movie News

I left all my notes at home so I've been searching the web for something to write about today. The Movie Blog has been a great source and, infact, has a few items worth commenting on. Such as Lindsay Lohans desire to play Wonder Woman in the upcoming film, and a new poker themed film called Deal starring Burt Reynolds. I'll probably get back to those later. I actually have a whole series of posts on poker movies that I'm saving for the right time, or a time when I'm truly desperate for content, and I'll address Deal when I start putting those up, and I have my own reasons for not wanting to see Lohan playing Wonder Woman.
So, that leaves us with the upcoming Simpsons movie, the trailer for which accompanied the Ice Age: The, to comment upon. I don't know many details and, according to the reports I've read, there really aren't that many besides a release date set for July 27 of next year, but my first impression was this: It's official--The Simpson has "jumped the shark." The whole trend of movies based on popular TV series is something that The Simpsons, were it still at its peak, should be viciously satirizing rather than participating in.

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