Saturday, April 29, 2006

A Celebration of Bad TV--The Daytime Emmies

In my frenzy to avoid Deal Or No Deal last night, I stumbled unsuspectingly upon the Daytime Emmy Awards broadcast and foolishly watched it for several minutes. Apparently, there's not a lot in daytime TV worth awarding as the show seemed to take forever between awards presentations, filling the time with padding and fluff such as clips from nominated soaps, profiles of nominated actors and shots of winners greeting their fans while holding their little trophies as if it meant that they'd actually accomplished something worthwhile.
The level of acting on daytime soaps has never been all that high, but apparently the standards have dipped precipitously if the award for Younger Actor is any indication. The statue went to Tom Pelphrey of Guiding Light , but I can't figure out why. The clip that accompanied the announcement of his name as a nominee was one of the most egregious examples of over the top over acting that I have ever seen on a soap or anywhere else.
That level of performance, plus some of the ridiculous over the top plots (Marlena posesed by Satan? Come ON!) are among the reasons I quit watching soaps, although having a full time day job was another contributing factor. However, if a report I read in Soap Opera Digest here at the library while I was waiting for my last entry to upload is correct, I may want to start taping Days Of Our Lives again--Patch and Kayla are coming back! These were two of my favorite characters back when I actually cared about stuff like that.

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