Monday, February 26, 2007

Weren't the Oscars Last Night??

I fully intended to watch the damned Academy Awards. I really did.
But after Ellen Degeneres' awkward and unfunny monologue, a couple of awards in categories that no one gives half a crap about right up front, and Will Ferrell singing (this must never be allowed to happen again), I knew that I was going to fall asleep in front of my TV long before Hollywood's annual orgy of self-congratulation finally wound to a halt in the wee hours of the morning, so I decided to pack it in early, turn off the idiot box and go to bed.
Nothing that happened last night was much of a surprise to anyone, anyway, at least not to me--not even Degeneres' weak showing. Why this woman is allowed to host awards shows is a mystery to me. They should have gotten John Stewart again if you ask me. Even David Letterman would have been better.
While Forrest Whittaker likely deserved his win for Best Actor, it is a pity that Peter O'Toole couldn't have won. After all, he's been nominated eight times without winning and, as he's somewhere around 120 years old, this was probably his last shot. There just aren't a lot of Oscar worthy roles being written for walking cadavers these days.
That is all that I care to say about the Oscars for this year, except to continue to wonder why the Academy snubbed Kevin Smith and his epic Clerks II. (I'm not joking. Jason Mewes deserves an Oscar!! He is our greatest living actor!!---Ok, I'm joking a little bit.)

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