Friday, February 16, 2007

Idol Gossip: You're On The Show, Baby!

I'm ready to call it.
Yes, even before the Top 24 semi-finalists take the American Idol stage to sing for your votes, I am prepared to predict a winner.
I was surprised that he even got to Hollywood, and even more surprised when he survived the first day of Hollywood week, but after he and his group, accompanied by Blake Lewis' beat-boxing, provided the highlight of the group round, I was not surprised that he survived the last day and into the Top 24.
Like last season's winner, Taylor Hicks, he's good, but not the best singer in the competition. However, he's funny and cute in a big cuddly teddy bear sort of way and his personality will win over America, especially America's women, whom I suspect do the majority of Idol voting.
So, who am I talking about?
Ladies and gentlemen, I now present your American Idol 2007:
As I said, he has a winning sense of humor. When he showed up in Birmingham, he told the judges that he was trying out because he wanted to "make David Hasselhoff cry." (I guess the Hoff shed a tear at one of Taylor's performances in the finale.) Arriving for his final interview with the judges, he said, "I suppose you're wondering why I called you all here today," which also shows a confidence that will carry him far. Plus, as I also said, he's got the whole big teddy bear look going on, and he really is quite a talented singer. All of this will, I believe, combine to endear him to the Idol audience and carry him right through to finale night.
The only other big surprise out of Hollywood was Baylie Brown exiting after the group round. Based on her initial audition and Simon's comment that she was "born to be a pop star," I expected to see her for quite a few weeks to come. I hope that she isn't too discouraged by this and comes out again next year.

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